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Angular is the future of AngularJS apps. In addition to future-proofing your app, migrating from AngularJS to Angular has many advantages. Despite the benefits, migrating apps is a lot of work. Our professional team handles the entire migration process. From AngularJS to Angular, we have you covered.

Say hi to our experts

Matej Minárik

Matej has held talks and lead workshops on Angular and aspires to achieve Google Developers Certification.


Oliver Šurina

Oliver has worked extensively with both AngularJS and Angular applications, and assists Matej with the upgrade process.


Why Upgrade to Angular?

Migrating from AngularJS to Angular is inevitable. Every line of AngularJS you write today, is a technical debt for tomorrow. With no providers, factories, services, digest cycle, watchers or directives with special attributes; Angular is much easier to work with, simply replacing these concepts with services and components.

AngularJS to Angular. We Get You There

Great Angular app development is what we do. Our developers live and breathe AngularJS and Angular. When you work with our expert developers, you don’t have to worry about the upgrade process. That is our job.

AngularJS to Angular. We Get You There

  • Faster prototyping and scaffolding with AngularCLI
  • Happy developers, who won’t leave because of technical debt
  • Less error-prone, thanks to TypeScript
  • Better test coverage

Angular runs much faster on mobile environments. The base code has been stripped of unnecessary features. Everything from view caching to template precompilation and reuse, is aimed at reducing the pressure on memory and the VM.

In the long-run you get happier developers and shorter development cycles.

Our Process

  1. Code Base Examination

    We examine the state of your codebase, to determine the best route for a successful upgrade process.

  2. Examination-Based Proposal

    We propose an upgrade plan. Based on our app analysis, we suggest implementation steps for the upgrade.

  3. Client's Decision

    After our analysis, the upgrade process can be completed by our developers, or the client can do it themselves.

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Who are we

We are PrimeHammer - a professional team of Ruby and JavaScript application developers. Our client list includes Fortune 100 companies and TechCrunch-featured startups. In short, we are an awesome team of developers that make great apps!